Have You Got an iStock Coupon Code?

Have You Got an iStock Coupon Code?

istockphoto-categories In the world today, everything increases its value. Water bills, electricity and mortgage are among them. Food and clothing are also included. Fortunately, shops offer holiday discounts and coupons upon checkout. The creative world also enjoys the same perks – thanks to Stock Photo Secrets. If you are a blogger, web designer or businessperson, you surely understand the importance of coupon codes. They can help a lot when you jump-start or create your creative projects.

Good news to new and existing iStock members!

We currently have our hands on exclusive iStock coupon codes 2016. These coupons do not only benefit new iStock customers, but existing ones as well. Are you excited to find out what we have in store for you? We are very happy to offer you amazing discounts on our credit packages and subscriptions. That’s right! Existing members can enjoy 15% off on all subscriptions while new customers can save 10% off iStock credit packages.

Usually, iStockphoto coupons last for a short period of time. Some only offer a maximum discount. But, what we offer you is money off of your yearly subscriptions. Here is how to redeem them:

  • Visit iStockphoto.com and choose a subscription or credit package you want to purchase.
  • Log on to your account. If you don’t have one yet, create a free account. It will only take a few minutes.
  • You will be asked to provide your billing and shipping information. Fill them to proceed further.
  • You will be asked to provide your personal details. Fill them, too.
  • You will find an iStock promo code box just above the VAT information. Enter your promo code.

The code will be applied on the payment page.

  • Provide your credit card details or PayPal account details to complete the purchase.
  • Congratulations! You just saved 10% or 15% on your purchase.

NOTE: We recommend buying 60 or more credits to get a better deal.

Low prices at iStock

istock pricing

iStock offers incredible stock at flexible pricing. You can pay per download with credits or subscribe and save with a plan. If you are a new customer, you will be happy to know that you can get 10% on your credit packages – which never expire. If you are an existing customer, get stock photos at the best rates and further your savings with 15% off your yearly subscriptions. Whether you are a blogger, web designer or businessperson, you will surely find the stock site favorable to your needs.

What are you waiting for? Explore millions of high quality royalty-free images at very low prices. The stock sites has diversified rates to suit your creative needs and budget. Get your iStock promo code 2016 now to get images at much discounted rates.

Dollar Photo Club Closed for New Members

Dollar Photo Club Closed for New Members

The Dollar Photo Club is an amazing stock photo agency. It is curated by the world’s number one stock photo marketplace – Fotolia. A dedicated image bank exclusive for creative professionals, it provides unique access to over 25 million images and 100,000 more every week. However, its vast collection is not what only makes the stock site popular to the creative community. Its rule of all images for one dollar is what makes it unique and worthy for a top position in the industry.

There are a number of reasons why the Dollar Photo Club closed, surely the inability to provide great service is not one of them. Being a member provides image downloads with no hidden charges, credit expiration and, most of all, daily limits. You can get straightforward access to high resolution and professional quality images for only one dollar. Moreover, you do not have to worry about finding the perfect photo for your creative project again. Every week, 100,000 fresh images are added to the website’s library.

For only $10 a month, you have unlimited access to all images, which include a royalty-free license. You can download them in whatever size suits your creative projects – small, medium and XXL. You can use them in any project with no limits on print runs, regions, or time. It is unfortunate that the Dollar Photo Club closed for new members, here’s a Dollar Photo Club alternative. It would have helped more creative professionals with their artistic endeavors.

dollar-photo-clubOn the bright side, there is one stock photo website that offers the same product as the Dollar Photo Club. 99 Club by Stock Photo Secrets also offers cheap stock photos for as low as 50 cents each. How is that possible? The stock photo website offers 200 image downloads for only $99. Any additional downloads will be available for 99 cents, which is still one cent cheaper than the DPC. The website has over 4 million royalty-free images in its library and 80,000 more are added every month.

With the Dollar Photo Club, it can be difficult for its members to find a stock photo site that offers the same kind of products. After all, the website is one of top stock photo agencies in the image world. Fortunately, 99 Club is currently open for new members. The website also offers images in various sizes – small, medium and XXL – all in high quality and resolution. Like DPC, its image downloads do not expire so you can use them for as long as you like. You only have to pay for a one-time fee with no auto-renew to start accessing the library. However unlike the DPC, it is here to stay. It is not closing for the next ten years, making it the perfect alternative for expired DPC members.

Cheap Stock Photos Getting More Popular than Ever

Cheap Stock Photos Getting More Popular than Ever

Are cheap stock photos losing their dash? No, they are not. Stock photography and the need for stock images is, in fact, not slowing down any time soon. The proliferation of stock photo agencies has gotten people to notice the importance of stock photos to many creative projects, including blogs, websites, design, presentations and promotional materials. This means that the future of stock photography is bright.

Nowadays, it is more common for people to see the same images in different projects. Do not be surprised to see your downloaded stock photo in your competitors’ website and even those that are not related to your niche. Thus, the need for more stock images is increasing. More consumers are asking for more stock photos to choose from, leading to more stock sites offering high quality, artistic and unique images.

With more variety to choose from in terms of style and design, cheap stock photography is moving towards hosting images taken by everyone in hopes to increase the options for creative professionals. Even larger stock sites are leaning toward curating more artistic and higher quality images from various photographers to offer custom looking, natural images to their customers.

Cheap Stock ImagesCamera technology has also come a long way. Equipment is becoming more affordable, making it cheaper to shoot quality images. This allows more people, even amateur photographers, to take photos and upload them on various stock photo websites. While photoshoots still exist for different needs and reasons, cheap stock photos have become a more popular choice due to their affordability and time-saving qualities.

With the increasing popularity of stock images, both small and large stock photo sites are offering products and services that will set them apart from the others. Smaller stock sites focus more on fulfilling specific creative needs by providing high quality images in a particular style, subject matter, theme or look. On the other hand, larger stock sites are finding ways to disrupt the stock image industry. They are looking at how images are used, who is buying them, and how to make the search and purchase experience better.

As stock photography grows, it is likely that new ways to use cheap stock photos will be developed. Stock sites are already offering a unique and higher level of user experience by moving to royalty-free pricing model, providing theme sets and providing free high quality images. In the future, it is likely that finding and using stock photography will become easier than it is now.


Stock photography is likely to continue its path on providing high quality images in various styles, themes and angles. More high-end images are required by creative professionals, but those needs are being fulfilled by larger stock photo websites. On the other hand, smaller stock sites are catering to the creative community with specific needs. It is safe to say that the stock photo industry will stay for a long while.