What is a Rights Managed Image and Its Benefits?

What is a Rights Managed Image and Its Benefits?

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What is rights managed? It is a type of license that is sold under a one-time use basis. It allows you to use the rights managed image in a specific way. It can be bought in stock photo agencies, such as Getty Images. When you buy this type of image, you should always clarify your intended use. The license can be customized to grant the required rights so you can use the image in any way you want. You just have to explain to the stock photo site the details of your intended use of image.

You must specify:

  • Your purpose of using the image.
  • The length of time it will be used.
  • The size and resolution.
  • The location where the photo will be used or distributed.
  • The medium in which it will be used or distributed.
  • The number of copies of the distribution.
  • The exclusivity rights.

A rights managed image has some clear advantages that may suit your creative needs. With this type of license, you can request for rights that you normally cannot get with royalty-free. This adds value in certain cases. For instance, exclusivity rights allow you to use the photo for the duration of your license and keeps your competitors from using the same image and diluting your marketing strategy and efforts. In return, it helps gives your brand a higher value through imagery that cannot be found elsewhere.

A rights managed image also has larger print runs and distribution. You can get larger limits of copies and distribution rights than the ones you can get with a royalty-free license. This is useful if you have a larger audience, wider reach marketing campaigns, and many more. With an RM license, you can also view a detailed usage history. Through this, you can know when and where the photo was used, giving you a chance to refine your intended use and make sure you will get the best out of the image.

For these and many other features, buying a rights managed image is highly recommended. It can be very useful for high visibility usages and uses where the image will be closely associated with a product or service. The RM license assures the exclusivity of the image, which is the key to the success of the visual association of the photo. It also avoids conflicts with your competitors, especially those who are trying to imitate your marketing and advertising strategies.

Although a rights managed image may be more expensive that royalty-free, it certainly has its value. In certain cases, it may be the best choice to ensure the success of your creative projects. Visit your preferred stock photo agency now and check out their RM license. Explore your alternatives and choose the best for your blog, website or business.